RCR™ Series In-Wall Recessed Mounts

RCR™ Series In-Wall Recessed Mounts


Sound Control Technologies’ In-Wall Boxes are a three piece all-metal solution with a common back box and bezel. The solution becomes camera specific with a laser cut plate matching the contoured base of the camera. The camera plate has depth mounting options to meet specific requirements and is designed to meet ADA compliance in most cases (camera dependent).

The back box can be ordered separately to ship and deploy well ahead of camera and bezel final fit and finish. The Sound Control Technologies’ camera module mounts securely behind the bezel. Bezels are available in black, white or primer grey.

RCR-CP6 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Cisco Precision 60]

Above: RCR-CP6 In-Wall Box (drawing shown with mock-up of Cisco Precision 60 camera)

RCR-PH1 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Cisco PrecisionHD 12x, 4xS1 & 4xS2]

Above: RCR-PH1 In-Wall Box (shown with Cisco PHD 1080p 4xS2 camera)

RCR-L10 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Lifesize 10X]

Above: RCR-L10X In-Wall Box (shown with Lifesize L10X camera)

RCR-LS4 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Lifesize Icon 400 & Icon Flex]

Above: RCR-LS4 In-Wall Box (drawing shown with mock-up of Lifesize Icon 400)

RCR-EE4 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Polycom EagleEye IV]

Above: RCR-EE4 In-Wall Box (shown with Polycom EagleEye IV camera)

RCR-EE1 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Polycom EagleEye III]

Above: RCR-EE1 In-Wall Box (shown with Polycom EagleEye III camera)

RCR-SD3 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Sony EVI-HD3 & EVI-HD7]

Above: RCR-SD3 In-Wall Box (shown with Sony EVI-HD7 camera)

RCR-SD2 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Sony EVI-H100]

Above: RCR-SD2 In-Wall Box (drawing shown with mock-up of Sony EVI-H100V camera)

RCR-SR1 In-Wall Recessed Mount [Sony SRG-120H]

Above: RCR-SR1 In-Wall Box (drawing shown with mock-up of Sony SRG-120H camera)

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Please note: Specifications are subject to change. Please check with Sound Control Technologies for availability dates and formal specifications.