Sound Control Technonlogies’ RemoteCam8™ extension solution offers a cost and time saving alternative to traditional infrastructure cabling for the Cisco Quad Camera for Power, Ethernet Control, ARC/Analog Audio and Dual HDMI Video. The RC8-CQC™ Kit provides a reliable “transparent“ link between the Quad Camera & Codec Pro/Codec Plus/SX80 codecs.


RC7_CODEC_PLUS-QUADCAM_FRONT.pngAbove: Industry Exclusive RemoteCam8™ Head-End & Camera Module (Shown with the Cisco Codec Plus and Quad Camera)

RC7_SX80_QUAD-CAM_FRONT.pngAbove: Industry Exclusive RemoteCam8™ Head-End & Camera Module (Shown with the Cisco SX80 codec and Quad Camera)

The RemoteCam7-CQC™ kit provides:

  • Quad Camera Power
  • Dual HDMI Video up to 1080p60
  • Ethernet Control
  • ARC/Analog Audio
  • Dual HDMI Distribution Amplifier
  • RC-RKL Rack Shelf Included
  • Distances up to 300’ over a single CAT6 STP cable


All application specific camera and codec/head-end cables and power supply are included in the kit. Standard CAT6 STP cable is used, eliminating the need for low-skew or no-skew cable to further control deployment costs. Standard 568A or 568B termination is used to reduce errors in the field. SCT provides a power cable “Sniffer”, or any traditional STP cable tester can be utilized to confirm termination prior to SCT module integration.


Head-end and camera modules entail clean metal enclosures to provide secure cable management. Clearly marked connectors for STP and codec/camera cables insure an easy and properly deployed solution.


Above: Cisco Codec Plus & Quad Camera

RemoteCam8-CQC™ Application Guide for Codec Plus

Click here to download the RC8-CQC Application Guide.

RemoteCam8-CQC™ Application Guide for Codec Pro & SX80

Click here to download the RC8-CQC Application Guide.

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  • Please note: Specifications are subject to change. Please check with Sound Control Technologies for availability.
  • Mounting

    Provided threaded mounting holes on the side of the camera module allow for flexible mounting options with Sound Control Technologies Wall Mounts or custom design solutions.

    A rack mountable head-end module enclosure provides clean and easily terminated cabling for STP wiring, video, control, Visca and power supply when deployed with Sound Control Technologies’ rack shelves.

    Mounting Solutions