RemoteCam4-Producer™ Project Pack



Camera Extension Kit Project Pack


Includes all components of our RemoteCam4-Producer™ Camera Kits, as well as an SCT Wall Mount* or an SCT Rack Shelf**, or both.

*Sound Control Technologies’ Wall Mounts are designed to minimize their appearance, leaving only the camera visible whenever possible.

**Sound Control Technologies’ Rack Shelves are designed to mount two or four SCT RemoteCam™ Head-End and/or Distribution Amplifier modules, and all power supplies.

The RemoteCam4-Producer™ Project Pack includes:

  • Head-End module
  • Camera module
  • Head-End cables
  • Camera cables
  • Power supply
  • -K     Wall mount, or…
  • -S      Rack Shelf RC-RK2 or…
  • -KS   Wall mount and Rack Shelf RC-RK2 (both)

RC4-Producer for Polycom EagleEye IV and EagleEye View (No Audio) cameras and HDX or RealPresence Group Series codecs.

RC4-Producer-K     RCM-EEP Wall mount
RC4-Producer-S      RC-RK2 Rack Shelf
RC4-Producer-KS   RCM-EEP Wall mount and RC-RK2 Rack Shelf
RC-RK2™ Rack Shelf (Click here to view)
RCM-EEP™ Wall Mount (Click here to view)

Mounting Solutions

Provided threaded mounting holes on the side of the camera module allow for flexible mounting options with Sound Control Technologies’ Wall Mounts or custom design solutions.

A rack mountable head-end module enclosure provides clean and easily terminated cabling for UTP wiring, video, control, Visca and power supply when deployed with Sound Control Technologies’ Rack Shelves.

Please note: your Project Pack can include a Wall Mount or a Rack Shelf, or both, depending upon your requirements.

Wall Mount


Above: RCM-EEP Wall Mount

Rack Shelf


Above: RC-RK2 Rack Shelf


All application specific camera and codec/head-end cables and power supply are included in the kit. Standard CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable is used, eliminating the need for low-skew or no-skew cable to further control deployment costs. Standard UTP-568A or UTP-568B termination is used to reduce errors in the field. SCT provides a power cable “Sniffer”, or any traditional UTP cable tester can be utilized to confirm termination prior to SCT module integration.


Mounting Solutions

*All Sound Control Technologies’ Documents can be found in our Document Library

Please note: Specifications are subject to change. Please check with Sound Control Technologies for availability dates and formal specifications.