Q2 2021 COVID-19 Service Update


April 1, 2021 marks SCT’s 34th anniversary. In the beginning, all those many years ago, we couldn’t have anticipated the experiences of the past year-plus. Managing our public health policies as well as our potential impact on the world at large was well outside our earliest expectations in running a business.

SCT has set a goal to have 100% of our global team vaccinated as soon as is allowed by local ordinances and scheduling. This is a commitment to our individual team members, their families, our communities and our global partners. It’s important that we all participate in these efforts as the vaccinations provide protection for both the person vaccinated as well as communities at large. Now is the time to recognize that we are part of a global community and every delivered vaccine matters.

The herculean efforts put forth by healthcare researchers and pharmaceutical companies is a testament to decades of research, development and dedication to science. The scale required for development, production and logistics to deliver 100’s of millions of vaccines in a compressed timeframe globally is stunning.

Economies are attempting to balance opening schools, businesses and general life experiences with containing the spread of COVID-19 and variants that keep emerging and causing further shutdowns. We are still early in vaccinating the global population so we must remain vigilant in our personal protection. For the foreseeable future SCT will continue our mask policy, distancing and hygiene guidelines. Our travel is still restricted but we are hopeful that there is a growing light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s all work together to get vaccinated so we can finally get this pandemic behind us and move on to the better days ahead.

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Supporting the Cisco Room 55 Single, Room 55 Dual, Room 70 G2, Room Kit Plus, Room Kit Pro, Room Kit, Codec Plus, Codec Pro, MX700, MX800, SX80 & SX20




Supporting the Cisco Quad Camera




Supporting the Poly Director II




Supporting The Cisco SpeakerTrack 60




Supporting Ethernet Controlled Cameras




       Supporting RS232 & HDMI Controlled Cameras




Industry-leading PTZ camera & Table Device integration/extension solutions

Sound Control Technologies manufactures extension kits that deliver Power, Control, IR, Audio and Video over single or dual CAT5e or CAT6 (Solution Dependent) cabling up to 300 feet.

Sound Control Technologies’ kits support analog and digital high definition PTZ camera solutions for Cisco, Lifesize, Panasonic, Poly, Sony, Avaya and others. Our kits support Analog (Y/Pb/Pr) video using the RemoteCam2™ platform and HDMI using the RemoteCam4™, RemoteCam5™, RemoteCam6™, RemoteCam7™ & RemoteCam8™ platforms.

Kits are sold as camera-specific packages, inclusive of all cabling (less UTP), power supply, camera module and head-end module required by the integrator for a typical installation. We also design and support non-standard camera integration needs. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions.