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Our Company

Since 1987

Sound Control Technologies has provided voice and video management Solutions for customer environments with innovative and cost effective voice-lift, conferencing, digital signal processing and video products.

The SCT Advantage

Sound Control Technologies is the industry leader for camera integration solutions and has provided successful conference and video reinforcement integrations for thousands of customers worldwide.

Our systems are designed to provide optimum performance and reliability in a wide variety of environments. SCT’s engineering capabilities and product innovations put our products in the forefront of today’s technology.

Our Commitment to Quality and Value

Sound Control Technologies is committed to providing solutions that are unsurpassed for quality and value. We will continue to develop and produce products that are on the leading edge of technology, offering only the finest and most cost-effective solutions and products available.

OEM and Custom Product

Sound Control Technologies is recognized as world-class OEM and custom product developer and continues to offer our application and product engineering services to companies worldwide.

SCT Policy Statements

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Our People

David Neaderland, President, CEO and Co-founder

Phone: 203-854-5701

Jody Neaderland, Vice-President of Operations

Phone: 203-854-5701

Chris Audette, National Sales Manager

Phone: 845-988-7334

Dan Julian, Central Regional Manager

Phone: 918-960-1680

Dan O'Brasky, Western Regional Manager

Phone: 310-435-7437

Leslie Ward, Technical Support

Phone: 203-854-5701

Jim Smith, Director, NTR

Phone: 203-854-5701

Sushant More, Business Development - India & Middle East

Phone: +91 9820360370

Peter Nice, Business Development Manager UK & Europe

Phone: +44 (0) 7787 126475

Jason Rouzaire, Business Development SEA Hong Kong

Phone: +852 91788202

Geoff Hellyer, Business Development UK & EU

Phone: +447917468996

Stewart Breakey, Director of Logistics

Phone: 203-854-5701

Cadie Belardo, Marketing & RMA Support

Phone: 203-854-5701

Sonia Wu, Communication Coordinator

Phone: 203-854-5701

Christine Francello, Executive Assistant

Phone: 203-854-5701

William Eppler, Technical Development

Phone: 203-854-5701

Brad Eddy, Application Support

Phone: 203-854-5701

Merrill Morsey, Production Specialist

Phone: 203-854-5701

Janessa Caldero, Sales and Marketing Support

Phone: 203-854-5071

Marina Vasilyeva, Accounting

Phone: 203-854-5701

Sandie Nelson, Accounting

Phone: 203-854-5701

Brian Harriat, Production

Phone: 203-854-5701

Ernest Gustave, Production

Phone: 203-854-5701

William (Ted) Horn, Sales Support

Phone: 203-854-5701

Adolph Neaderland, Co-Founder, Retired CEO

Phone: 203-854-5701

Joan Nistico, Administrative Services, Retired

Phone: 203-854-5701

Join the SCT Team!, Positions Available!

Phone: 203-854-5701