RC-SDA+ Gen2™

Now supporting a single USB connection for video and bi-directional audio, input resolution support up to 4K60 HDMI, & additional SCT and Visca/Poly translation commands for mic mute, image flip, camera tracking and power control, the RC-SDA+ Gen2™ is a Camera Bridge™, single input, dual output distribution amplifier and integrated USB interface for soft codec applications. Optimized for Poly cameras, the RC-SDA+ Gen2™ provides flexible implementation options allowing Poly cameras to be used with or without a Poly codec. The RC-SDA+ Gen2™ provides HDCI connectivity to the Poly codec and HDMI connectivity to 3rd party devices. This solution also expands the options for meeting room use; the Poly camera can be used for other applications, such as a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) soft codec or HDMI distribution. We also enable control of the Poly camera from the Poly hand control, touch panel, or 3rd party controller. The USB interface converts computer PTZ commands to Poly compatible camera signaling. Last, but certainly not least, the RC-SDA+ Gen2 provides multiple digital and analog audio routing options. Custom Configurations/Settings May be available. Please contact us.

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RC-SDA+ Gen2™

Inclusive of RC-SDA+ gen2™ Module, Cables and Power Supply

  • RC-SDA+ Gen2™ Module
  • RCC-H030-1.0M HDCI to HDMI & DB9-F Cable
  • RCC-M002-1.0M 3-Pin Phoenix to DB9-F Cable
  • RCC-M003-1.0M USB-A to USB-A Cable
  • WPS-12 Power Supply


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RC-SDA+ Gen2™ New Product Introduction