RC-EDA™ New!

The RC-EDA™ is a single input, dual output distribution amplifier with advanced CEC capabilities. Based on HDMI signal presence/absence it can automatically turn on/off the display and select the correct input via CEC control. Additionally, the RC-EDA™ can replicate CEC input commands to both HDMI outputs, solving a variety of design challenges. With its configurable microprocessor, the RC-EDA™ can even control display devices without native CEC support, converting standard HDMI CEC power commands to RS232 or IP commands.

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Inclusive of RC-EDA Module, Cable and Power Supply

  • RC-EDA™ Module
  • RCC-M002-1.0M 3-Pin Phoenix to DB9-F Cable
  • WPS-12 Power Supply



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RC-EDA™ New Product Introduction

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