RemoteCam™ Digital Camera & RemoteTableKit™ Signal Extension Solutions

Sound Control Technologies' RemoteCam4™, RemoteCam5™, RemoteCam6™, RemoteCam7™, RemoteCam8™, RemoteCamUSB2S™ & RemoteCamPSE™ camera extension kits and RemoteTableKit™ kits offer a cost and time saving alternative when integrating analog & digital high definition PTZ cameras into a wide variety of TelePresence, Presentation, House of Worship and Video Reinforcement applications.

The RemoteCam™ extension kits provide a reliable “transparent“ link between camera and head-end.

The RemoteTableKit™ extension solutions provide a reliable “transparent“ link between table devices and codec.

  • Cabling

    Application specific signal or camera, codec/head-end cables and power supply are included in the kit. Standard CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable is used, eliminating a need for low-skew or no-skew cable, which further controls deployment costs. Standard UTP-568A or UTP-568B termination is used to reduce errors in the field. SCT provides a power cable “Sniffer,” or any traditional UTP cable tester can be utilized to confirm termination prior to SCT module integration.

  • Installation

    Codec/Head-end and camera/signal modules entail metal enclosures providing clearly marked connectors for the UTP “SCT Link” and signaling cables to ensure an easy and properly deployed solution.

  • Mounting

    Flexible mounting options with SCT camera mounts and rack mountable codec/head-end modules provide clean and easily terminated cabling for UTP “SCT Link”, video, audio, control and power.

  • Use Case

    Our expanding RemoteCam™ and RemoteTableKit™ product lines support kit dependent audio, video, power, infrared, control and USB signaling on a single category cable up to 100 meters.