RemoteCamFiber™ Platform Now Available!

Digital PTZ Camera Extension Kits

RemoteCamFiber™ is part of Sound Control Technologies’ product portfolio for digital PTZ camera solutions, supporting distances limited only by the type of optical fiber deployed. The RemoteCamFiber™ solutions support Single (RemoteCamFiber1™) and Dual (RemoteCamFiber2™) HDMI channel cameras, Serial or Ethernet Control and ARC. The RemoteCamFiber™ Kit provides a reliable “transparent“ link between the camera and codec/head-end.

The RemoteCamFiber™ Kits Provide:
  • Camera Power
  • Single or Dual Digital video up to 1080p60
  • RS232 Control
  • Ethernet
  • RC & Analog Audio
  • Wired and Modulated IR
  • Single or Dual HDMI Distribution Amplifier
  • 3 Year Limited Advance Replacement Warranty (2 Year Additional Warranty Available)
Available RemoteCamFiber™ Products

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Please note: Specifications are subject to change. Please check with Sound Control Technologies for availability dates and formal specifications.

  • Cabling

    All application-specific camera cables, codec/head-end cables and power supplies are included.” Integrator supplied SFP determines fiber mode.

  • Installation

    The Camera-End (camera) and Head-End (codec) modules are housed in simple, compact metal enclosures to provide secure cable management. Connectors for UTP and camera/codec cables are clearly marked to ensure an easy and properly deployed solution.