RemoteCam4™ Platform

Digital PTZ Camera Extension Kits

The RemoteCam4™ is part of Sound Control Technologies’ product portfolio for digital PTZ cameras requiring RS232 control. The RemoteCam4™ camera Extension Kits offer a cost and time saving alternative when integrating digital high definition PTZ cameras into a wide variety of presentation spaces. The RemoteCam4™ Kits provide a reliable “transparent“ link between the camera and codec/head-end.
RemoteCam4™ kits provide:
  • Camera Power
  • Digital Video up to 1080p60
  • RS232 or Visca or HDMI Camera Control
  • Visca Control Loop
  • Wired and Modulated IR
  • Distances up to 100 meters over a single CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable
  • 3 Year Limited Advance Replacement Warranty (2 Year Additional Warranty Available)

RemoteCam4™ Data Sheet & SCTLink Cable Guide

Available RemoteCam4™ Products
  • Cabling

    All application-specific Camera-End (camera) cables, Head-End (codec) cables, and power supply are included in all kits. To further control deployment costs, a standard CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable is used, eliminating the need for a low-skew or no-skew cable. To reduce errors in the field, SCT provides a power cable “Sniffer” with every kit, to confirm standard T568A or T568B termination prior to integrating our modules. Any traditional UTP cable tester can also be utilized to confirm termination prior to SCT module integration.

  • Installation

    The Camera-End (camera) and Head-End (codec) modules are housed in simple, compact metal enclosures to provide secure cable management. Connectors for UTP and camera/codec cables are clearly marked to ensure an easy and properly deployed solution.

  • RC4-1BC™ supporting the Crestron 1Beyond IV-CAMPTZ-12 & IV-CAMPTZ-20 cameras New!
  • RC4-APA™ supporting the AVer CAM520 Pro Advanced Camera
  • RC4-AS6™ supporting the AVer PTC500+ Camera
  • RC4-CC6™ supporting ClearOne’s Unite 200 Camera & Collaborate Pro 600/900 Codecs
  • RC4-E4C™ supporting Poly’s EagleEye Cube and Acoustic Cameras & RealPresense/G7500 Codecs
  • RC4-E4P™ supporting Poly’s EagleEyeIV Camera & RealPresense/G7500 Codecs
  • RC4-HHV™ supporting HuddlecamHD HuddleView & SimplTrack2 Cameras
  • RC4-HST™ supporting HuddlecamHD SimplTrack Lite Camera New!
  • RC4-L22™ (End of Life. Please contact us) supporting LifeSize’s 10x Camera & Icon 600/800 Codecs
  • RC4-P13™ supporting Panasonic’s AW-HE130 Camera
  • RC4-P40™ supporting Panasonic’s AW-HE40 & AW-HE60 Cameras
  • RC4-PHD™ supporting Cisco’s PrecisionHD 1080p 12x, 4xS1 and 720p 7x Cameras & SX80/C Series Codecs
  • RC4-PRODUCER™ supporting Poly’s EagleEye Producer & RealPresense/G7500 Codecs
  • RC4-PSA™ supporting Cisco’s PrecisionHD 1080p 12x Camera & SX20 Codec
  • RC4-PSB™ supporting Cisco’s PrecisionHD 1080p 4xS2 (Precision 40) & 2.5X (5x) Cameras & C Series Codec
  • RC4-PSX™ supporting Cisco’s PrecisionHD 1080p 4xS2 (Precision 40) & 2.5X (5x) Cameras & SX20 Codec
  • RC4-R5X™ supporting Avaya's EVI-HD7 Camera & XT5000/7100 Codecs
  • RC4-RHD™ supporting Avaya’s EVI-HD3/DVI Camera & XT5000/7100 Codecs
  • RC4-SHC™ supporting Sony’s EVI-HD3/DVI, EVI-HD7/DVI & EVI-H100V Cameras
  • RC4-SHD™ supporting Sony’s EVI-HD3/DVI, EVI-HD7/DVI & EVI-H100V Cameras
  • RC4-SL1™ supporting StarLeaf’s VHD-61 Camera & Sony’s SRG-120DH Camera & GT Mini 3330/GT 3351/GTm 5250
  • RC4-UNI™ supporting Multiple Manufacturers
  • RC4-URM™ supporting Multiple Manufacturers
  • RC4-USM™ supporting Multiple Manufacturers
  • RC4-X12™ supporting Sony’s SRG-120H Camera & Sony PCS-XG77S/PCS-XG100S Codecs
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty supporting all RemoteCam4™ Products

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Please note: Specifications are subject to change. Please check with Sound Control Technologies for availability dates and formal specifications.