RC-RKM™ Rack Shelf

The RC-RKM™ is a dual RU rack shelf mounting solution for the Cisco Codec Plus or Poly G7500. It also supports the RemoteCam4™, RemoteCam5™, RemoteCam6™, RemoteCam7™, RemoteCam8™, RemoteCamUSB2™, RemoteTableKit™ & RemoteCamFiber™ head-end modules, as well as the RC-Scaler™ and the RC-SDA™ Distribution Amplifiers. The 12” deep shelf accommodates the HE Modules and power supplies, leaving access to the rear of the module for clean and easy cabling while providing ventilation. The RC-RKM™ is included with our RC6-CST™, RC7-PD2™ and RC8-CQC™ extension kits and can also be purchased separately.

RC6/RC7/RC8-HE Rack Shelf, 2RU


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