The RC-SDA™ is a single input, dual output distribution amplifier designed specifically for the Poly EagleEye IV and Poly EagleEye Director II with or without Poly codecs. The RC-SDA™ provides flexible implementation options allowing Poly cameras to be used for separate concurrent video applications. When used in conjunction with our RC4-E4P™ or RC7-PD2™ kits, the RC-SDA™ provides HDCI connectivity to the Poly codec and HDMI connectivity to 3rd party devices. The RC-SDA™ also expands the options for meeting room use; the Poly camera can be used for other applications, such as a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) soft codec or HDMI distribution. Last, but certainly not least, the RC-SDA™ enables control of the Poly EagleEye IV or Director II from the Poly remote or a 3rd party controller while also supporting Visca to Poly and Poly to Visca camera control translation.

In October of 2021 the RC-SDA was updated to add a Micro SD slot and 8 position DIP switch allowing for field upgradeable firmware, diagnostics and greater configuration flexibility.

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