RC5-USM™ for Multiple Manufacturers

The RC5-USM™ camera extension kit has been designed to deliver a transparent, reliable, and cost-effective link between many manufacturers. See the entire list below.

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Project Pack Options

Supported Cameras

  • Atlona HDVS-CAM-HDMI
  • AVer PTC300
  • AVer TR311HN
  • AVer PTZ313
  • AVer PTZ313V2
  • AVer PTZ310
  • AVer PTZ330
  • AVer TR311HWV2
  • AVer TR313V2
  • AVer TR323NV2
  • AVer TR333NV2
  • Lumens VC-TR40
  • VHD V60UL/V61UL/V63UL
  • VHD V60CL/V61CL/V63CL