RCR-UNI™ Recessed Wall Mount

The RCR-UNI™ is compatible with (but not limited to) the cameras listed below.



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The RCR™ Series Recessed In-Wall Boxes are a three-piece all-metal solution with a common back box and bezel. The solution becomes camera specific with a laser cut plate matching the contoured base of the camera. The camera plate has depth mounting options to meet specific requirements and is designed to meet ADA compliance in most cases (camera dependent). The Sound Control Technologies camera end module mounts securely behind the bezel. Bezels are available in black or white.


Supported Cameras

  • AVer CAM520 PRO
  • AVer CAM520 PRO Advanced
  • AVer CAM540 PRO
  • Cisco PTZ4K
  • Logitech PTZ PRO 2
  • Lumens VC-A70H
  • Lumens VC-A61P
  • Lumens VC-A60S
  • Lumens VC-A50PN
  • Lumens VC-A50P
  • Lumens VC-A52S
  • Lumens VC-A51S
  • Marshall CV620
  • Panasonic AW-HE38
  • Panasonic AW-HE40
  • Panasonic AW-UE40
  • Panasonic AW-HE42
  • Panasonic AW-HE60
  • Panasonic AW-UE70
  • Panasonic AW-UN70
  • Poly EagleEye IV USB
  • PTZ Optics PT12X-SDI
  • PTZ Optics PT12/20/30X-SDI
  • PTZ Optics PT12/20-USB
  • QSC PTZ 12×72 & PTZ 20×60
  • Sony SRG-120DH
  • Sony SRG-X40UH
  • Sony SRG-300H