RCU2S-B10™ for Multiple Manufacturers

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RCU2S-B10™ Base Kit

Inclusive of RCU2S Modules, Kit Cables and Power Supply

  • RCU2S-CE Camera Interface Module
  • RCU2S-HE Codec/Head-End Interface Module
  • RCC-M004-0.3M USB-A (RCU2S-CE™) to USB-B
  • RCC-M004-1.0M USB-B (RCU2S-HE™) to USB-A
  • PPC-023-0.3M RJ11 (RCU2S-CE™) to EIAJ-4 Power Barrel
  • WPS-12 Power Supply

Supported Cameras

  • AVer TR530+
  • AVer VB342 Pro
  • AVer MD330U/MD330UI
  • AVer TR313V2
  • AVer TR323NV2
  • AVer TR333NV2
  • ClearOne Unite 150 & Unite 200
  • Huddlecam HC10X, HC20X & HC30X
  • Lumens VC-B30U
  • Marshall CV610-U3
  • MaxHub UC P20
  • Minnray UV950A
  • PTZOptics 12XUSB & 20XUSB
  • Sony SRG-120U & SRG-XP1
  • Vaddio ConferenceShot FX & ConferenceShot 10
  • VDO360 Saber20X & CompassX
  • VHD V20C, VX110, VX710N, VX710L & VX120
  • Yamaha CS-700AV


Camera Mounts

Due to the number of cameras supported by the RCU2S-B10 Kit, please visit our Solution Finder and select “Choose by Mount” to find all mounting solutions for your camera model!

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