RemoteTableKit™ MINI

The RTK-MINI™ table extension kits provide a reliable “transparent” link between the table devices and Cisco Room Kit Mini. The RTK-MINI™ offers a cost and time saving alternative to traditional infrastructure cabling for HDMI, Touch 10 Ethernet and power, & USB. The RTK-MINI™ supports distances up to 100 meters on a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable.

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RTK-MINI™ Kit Includes:

Inclusive of RemoteTableKit™ Modules, Kit Cables and Power Supply

  • RTK-MINI-TX Module
  • RTK-MINI-RX Module
  • RCC-C001-0.3M HDMI Cable
  • RCC-C002-0.3M UTP Cable
  • RCC-H001-1.0M HDMI Cable
  • RCC-H016-1.0M UTP Cable
  • WPS-12 Power Supply


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RemoteTableKit-MINI™ Product Introduction