RemoteTableKit™ Plus

The RTK-PLUS™ table extension kits provide a reliable “transparent” link between the table devices and Cisco codec. Codec specific microphone cables and power supply are included in the kit. The RTK-PLUS™ offers a cost and time saving alternative to traditional infrastructure cabling for the Cisco Codec Plus, Room 55, Room 55 Dual, Room 70 G1, Room 70 Dual G1, Room Kit Plus and Room Kit. The RTK-PLUS™ provides HDMI for content, Touch 10 Ethernet and power, Audio I/O, USB, distance up to 100 meters on CAT5e/CAT6 and supports up to 3 Cisco Microphones (Table Mic 20 & Table-J Mic)

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RTK-PLUS Kit Includes:

Inclusive of RemoteTableKit™ Modules, Kit Cables and Power Supply

  • RTK-TX Module
  • RTK-RX Module
  • RCC-H001-1.0M HDMI Cable
  • RCC-H016-1.0M UTP Cable
  • RCC-C018-1.0M TRRS to TRRS Cables
  • WPS-12 Power Supply


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RemoteTableKit™ Product Introduction