USB3-1X2-028™ for the Poly EagleEye IV USB

The USB3-1×2™ provides smart switching between a USB camera and two USB host computers. This allows a single integrated camera/speaker/mic system to automatically or manually switch over from a resident room PC to a guest laptop for BYOD soft codec applications.

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Inclusive of USB3-1X2 Module, Power Supply & Cable Set

  • USB-1X2™ Module
  • [2]-RCC-M008-1.0M USB-A to USB-B 3.0M Host Cables
  • PPC-028-1.0M 6.5x3mm DC Plug to 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Plug Poly EagleEye IV USB Camera Power Cable
  • RCC-M008-1.0M USB-B 3.0 to USB-A Camera Cable
  • WPS-12 Power Supply

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