RC-CUBBY™ Series In-Wall Mounts

RC-CUBBY™ Mount Series In-Wall Mounts


Sound Control Technologies’ CUBY mounts are a three piece all-metal solution with a common back box and bezel. The solution becomes solution specific with a plate custom designed for the supported device.

RC-CUBBY-CQC™ In-Wall Mount [Cisco Quad Camera]

Above: RC-CUBBY-CQC In-Wall Mount

Please note our RC-CUBBY-CQC mount supports the “Roll Forward” feature of the Quad Camera via the device’s hinges. To accommodate this feature, 90° HDMI cables must be utilized. These cables are available from SCT as the RCC-C013. Please contact SCT or your local representative for further details.

RC-CUBBY-PD2™ In-Wall Mount [Poly EagleEye Director II]

Above: RC-CUBBY-PD2 In-Wall Mount

RC-CUBBY-CP6™ In-Wall Mount – Coming Soon! [Cisco Precision 60]

Above: RC-CUBBY-CP6 In-Wall Mount

RC-CUBBY-EE4™ In-Wall Mount – Coming Soon! [Poly EagleEye IV]

Above: RC-CUBBY-EE4 In-Wall Mount

RC-CUBBY-BRC™ In-Wall Mount – Coming Soon! [Sony BRC Cameras]

Above: RC-CUBBY-BRC In-Wall Mount