RC7-P15™ for the Panasonic AW-UE145, AW-UE150 & AW-UE160 Limited Quantities. Please Contact Us

The RC7-P15™ camera extension kit has been designed to deliver a transparent, reliable, and cost-effective link between Panasonic’s AW-HS50 or generic codec/Head-End device and AW-UE145, AW-UE150 & AW-UE160 cameras. A 2-RU RC-RKM™ rack shelf is included for the RC7-HE™ module on the head-end side, while the RC7-CE™ module and Director II integrates seamlessly with our RC-CUBBY-BRC™ mount for a clean customer installation.

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RC-CUBBY Safety Enclosure™ (PDF) [Purchased Separately]

RC-CUBBY Safety Enclosure™ (CAD) [Purchased Separately]